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To purchase these items please contact us direct by phone or email.

Souvenir CD - "Romany Rye"
"Songs of Romany life"

The cassette - "Romany Rye"Twelve superbly recorded songs, depicting aspects of Romany life, all old favourites heard at campfires and pubs up and down the road to Appleby Horse Fair.

Each song is introduced by Gordon himself, together with field recordings of the sounds of the Fair of 1995, while the songs are sung by long-time pals of the Boswell campfires, gypsy wagon-builder Dave Peters and gypsy music expert Tom Walsh.

An enduring memory of a trip to the Romany Museum, or an ideal present for family and friends - especially as a reminder of the sounds and character of the English countryside for loved ones overseas.

Recommended Retail Price £6.00 (Postage extra)

Buy both CDs for just £10.00!

Write or telephone Gordon to arrange purchase

1 "Gypsy" (recited) A tribute to Boswells who have gone before
2 The Fair at Ballinasloe For the atmosphere of the great horse-fairs
3 The Romany Rye Out of the music-hall, it became the classic song of the lanes
4 The Dark-eyed Gypsies The old song of the rich lady who rejected comfort for freedom
5 Red-Headed Anne A new song of the tinker girl who could not live the settled life
6 While the Gamekeeper lies sleeping Living off the land - a popular song (and subject) on the road
7 The Terrier Song From Ravenstonedale, home to many a good session in Fair Week
8 I'm a man you don't meet every day A deservedly popular song out of Ireland
9 Hot Asphalt In honour of the players of the tarmac game
10 Miro tacho puro grai mulo (My faithful old horse is dead) A new song in memory of good wagon horses everywhere
11 Doyle the Poacher A good rousing song for closing a pub session
12 My old Dutch "We've been together now for forty years" - Favourite party-piece of the late Gordon Boswell senior

New CD - "Romany Yog"
"Songs for stick-fires old and new"

The CD "Romany Yog"Performed by Gordon Boswell, Dave Peters and Tom Walsh, assisted by Hugh O'Donnell and Chris Harvey

Featuring a unique live recording of step-dancer Amos Muller, age 69

Recorded at Cock Robin Studios, Croston, Lancashire by Chris Harvey

New songs or old songs - these are favourite party pieces, regularly enjoyed as the Boswell family and friends celebrate their annual reunion at the Appleby Fair around a traditional 'Yog' (stick-fire)

Recommended Retail Price - £6.00

Package & Postage extra - £2.00 (UK), £2.50 (Europe), £3.00 (USA)

Buy both CDs for just £10.00!

Write to or telephone Gordon to arrange purchase - +44 (0) 1775-710599

1 When Yellow's on the Broom (MacNaughton) Winter drags; roll on Spring! Words by noted Scottish song-writer Adam McNaughton
2 The Berry Fields of Blair (Stewart) The berry-picking life, by Scottish Traveller Belle Stewart; Dave Peacock's choice
3 The New Fair Song (©Walsh) All the fun of the Appleby Fair, by Tom Walsh
4 The Thirty-Foot Trailer (MacColl) Written in the early 60's by Ewan MacColl at a time when some people predicted the end of the Romany way of life - wrong!
5 Master McGrath (Traditional) The hit song of the 1869 Waterloo Cup
6 The Wagon in which I was Born (©Walsh) Written by Tom Walsh and dedicated to old pal Albert Smith
7 The Poacher's Fate (Traditional) Old song from near Preston, Lancashire - don't go where the keeper's a psycho
8 Granny's Old Armchair (Frank .B.Carr) Unexpected wealth song requested by Lias Smith
9 The Banks of the Lee (Traditional) Sad song much favoured by the Irish Travellers
10 The Old Lancaster Hornpipe (Traditional) Neat footwork by old Romany step-dancer Amos Muller to an old Northern triple hornpipe played by Tom on accordion, recorded live and enhanced in the studio
11 The Gypsy (Read) Gordon's party-piece, an old Inkspots number
12 Irish Mollie-O (Traditional) One of his favourite songs in tribute to the great Romany singer Henry Lee (RIP)
13 The Star of the County Down (Traditional) One from Ireland for old friends Mary and Ivan, annual neighbours on the Fair Hill
14 Hard Times come again no more (Stephen Foster) Stephen Foster favourite requested by Mary and Ivan and sung with confidence that the hard times will NOT be coming back for any of our friends

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